Thursday, 18 November 2010

6 Months Later

Exactly six months ago I made a decision to ditch my unhealthy ways and try to become a superstar champion of all things healthy. I have tried to embrace healthiness and indulge in all sorts of new activities and eat wholesome, nutritious foodstuff.

I'll go out on a limb here and say that I'm pretty sure I am indeed fitter now than I was 6 months ago. But healthy? Maybe this needs to be more defined. Wordnet says:

"healthiness - good health: the state of being vigorous and free from bodily or mental disease"

As I am currently free from bodily and mental diseases (provided gluttony is neither) I suppose I am healthy. I was definitely being 'vigorous' this morning too in the gym; I'm absolutely thrilled to report that today I have achieved a long-standing goal of mine which is to be able to do proper chin-ups. This may sound a bit small and ridiculous in the grand scheme of things but for me this is a fitness milestone and I am chuffed to bits.

I have learned some important things so far in my healthy quest - so l share my newly discovered wisdom:

1. Contrary to prior belief, it is in fact possible to feel sick after eating too much (I hasten to add that this fact was discovered on a 'happy eating' day, but at least the lesson was learned).

2. It is actually possible to feel full from eating salad.. so long as you have the persistence to eat enough of it.

3. Never wear underwear on a long bike ride, unless you want to be in a world of chafe-related horror for days.

4. Celery is the most brilliant food once you find a way to make it fun.

5. Flashing lights and fluorescence may make you feel like a plonker, but they are absolutely necessary for waking up drivers when it's dark.

6. As soon as you can unwrap a kitkat and eat it whilst riding your bike, that is when you can call yourself a cyclist.

7. Black cows are the most dangerous animal in the New Forest, and probably even in the whole of the UK.

8. Rest IS important and it's okay to have a day when you do absolutely nothing. Just don't ever have 'happy eating' days on these days. 

9. If you DO go out and get trashed, it's possible to remain calorie neutral so long as you dance your socks off.. and don't eat a kebab.

10. No matter how strong your will is, it's impossible to say no when any member of your family wants to have a drink with you. But the laughter that ensues is so exuberant that you could probably write it off as core strength training.

Here's to another six months of being healthy!


  1. Well here's looking forward to being 'swayed' by your family for your birthday weekend, and Christmas! I look forward to seeing several 'dancing queens' too!!! xxxx

  2. yep - my Nero's are torturing me with the deiicious pralines too!