Sunday, 2 March 2014

Muv's Week of Health

Now that I have a sister who is well and truly on the health train, it was time to get mum aboard. I decided to take myself up to Derbyshire for a mini training week/healthy eating week/boot camp for mum week. I broke the journey up with a cheeky visit to the brilliant Braunstone parkrun, before arriving at mum's and unpacking about two sets of regular clothes and a suitcase full of sports kit. Such a lovely daughter that I am, I shared the veggie stew that I'd made for lunch, and curtailed our catch up as it was sunny outside and I was itching for a cycle.

The first lesson I learned is that Derbyshire is very, very hilly. We all know I love a good gradient but the climbs were endless and absolutely brutal. I popped out for quick blast just to clear the lungs, in just 16.5 miles I managed to find a whopping 1400ft of elevation gain!

Muv does Monsal
The next day we headed out to the Monsal Trail, an 8.5 mile track following the old Midlands Railway line. The plan was for mum to rent a bike and for me to run alongside. The second lesson that I learned was that you should never run next to somebody who is riding a bicycle for the first time in about ten years. There are lots of lovely things to look at on the trail and some stunning views, but every time she turned to look one way the bike veered off precariously in the other direction.

I was well impressed that she pulled a 15 mile off road cycle out of the bag though and didn't even bother using the motor on the very heavy electric bike so I let her off for for dangerous riding.

With a sore bottom and some achy legs, we headed home and attempted to make a 'light Sunday roast' for our lunch. This is not something we are accustomed to in the family and as we sat down to our colossal feast we realised our attempt was futile (but very tasty and well-deserved).

After this though we hit the healthy eating hard and made juices and salads a-plenty, filling ourselves with many a macro-nutient and indulging in a plethora of colourful vegetables.

We ate up the kilometres going on walks in the woods and around historic towns and finding hidden geocaches and climbing church towers and err.. trawling 'round the shops. I even had company on my speed interval session as mum did her own set of out and backs.

Enjoying our homemade carrot and butternut squash soup!

Much excitement as we ventured out for a spot
of geocaching

Climbing the 158 steps of the church tower
Later on in the week we ventured off to the gym and I took my life into my own hands as I had mum spotting me on the bench press. She was impressed by all the big bar lifting stuff and fancied a go herself. I quickly realised I had been slightly over-enthusiastic with the weight choice as we discovered her one-rep max on the first lift. Lesson number 3: ease people in very gently when attempting bench press for the first time. We decided the sauna was probably a more sensible option.

Newly enthused by this array of activity and feeling marvellous after eating super clean for a few days, I left mum feeling inspired to continue on the going healthy mission, and I left the good people of Derbyshire at a slightly higher risk of accident by rogue cyclist. Job done!

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