Friday, 3 January 2014

A Year Off, A Year On

I was going to say that "I'm not making any resolutions this year", but Google states that the definition of resolution is "a firm decision to do or not do something". Therefore anyone who insists they are "not making any resolutions" is either a liar, or silly, or too scared to share! I was very nearly silly. Surely everybody has made some sort of decision about something they do or do not want to do this year?!

2013 was a bit of a year off from crazy challenges and triathlon, it was more about seeing how much I could get away with on how little training. Whilst winging it was fun, my fitness gradually declined and my weight has gradually increased. In fact, I would say that since resolving to go healthy in 2010, 2013 was definitely my least healthy year yet.

I've already made a huge list of things that I have firmly decided I am doing in 2014, and I do not intend to wing any of them. I decided that I needed to do something big, something I would absolutely have to prepare for to succeed. I thought and I thought and in a spontaneous moment of excitement, I entered Challenge Weymouth, a full distance triathlon. There will be no winging a 3.8km sea swim (seeing that 750m at the Snowman Tri was a struggle..) and my buttocks will need re-hardening up for century rides, but the training plan is already written, colour-coded and on display at my desk.

If an iron-distance triathlon wasn't enough, I also thought I'd give some ultra-running a bash. In for a penny, in for a grand! This could all be the result of an impending mid-life crisis, as I'm due to hit 30 at the end of the year and I feel like I need to tick off a lot of stuff (and yes, 30 IS mid life when you live dangerously..).

So the list is created (in the 2014 goals bit) and I'm excited.

Happy New Year!

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