Wednesday, 10 July 2013

"River Swimming" with Ruth

Knowing I'm not one to pass up on a little adventure, Ruth had very easily enticed me to check out a "wild swimming spot" just down the road from her house. "It's not really deep, but it's enough for a swim stroke", she said. So on this very warm, July evening we wandered down to the river. A spot just next to the bridge looked like a good place to get in. 

Ruth had suggested that we just swim against the current, but upon seeing it I estimated that the river was probably flowing at approximately 0.2 mph. Nonetheless, the water looked clean, and we were hot.

Being the adventuring pioneer that I am, I stripped down to my swimming costume rapidly and stepped off the bank. Was it deep? Yes, yes it was. I immediately sunk up to the knees in mud. At this point, Ruth lost the plot entirely and then swiftly decided to get in from a different location. 

Deeper than I expected..

Much more sensible place to get in!

As I suspected, the river was not exactly deep enough to swim in, but we gave it a fairly valiant effort and attempted some sculling drills!

Yep. Definitely not deep enough
So the swim wasn't massively successful, but we enjoyed ourselves anyway!

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