Thursday, 9 May 2013

1000 Miles in May

I've missed big cycling epics. Winter was especially unkind to the cyclists of Britain and only the truly hardy and dedicated (of which, this year, I was not) have reached spring in good fitness. Whilst I've dabbled a bit on the bike in March and April I am a long way away from the pedal power I had at this time last year.

Ed even sent me a chart to tick off!
Fortunately for me, my friend Ed - a man with a penchant for a challenge - came up with an idea that would inspire and excite my inner cyclist: to cycle 1000 miles in the month of May. I didn't take much convincing, to be honest I didn't even do the maths before I'd jumped in with both feet and was plotting new routes. An average of 32.2 miles per day is really quite do-able, I thought. A few longer rides in and out of work and some longer ones at the weekend, easy.

Having a well earned break at Milford-on-Sea,
legs never too tired to lunge.
Mentally, this was in the bag. The bank holiday weekend provided the opportunity to get off to a flying start and fly I did. I hadn't even considered that I was not currently physically conditioned for long, back-to-back days of cycling. By Monday afternoon I was exhausted, my legs were tired, my sit bones were having a fall out with my trusty saddle and all I wanted was to put my feet up and have a nap on the sofa, so I did.

However, if this was easy then it wouldn't be a challenge, would it? I'm fully expecting my cycling endurance to skyrocket during the month, and  - with well-placed rest days - this shall mark the start of a marvellous summer of cycling.

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