Thursday, 22 March 2012

A Balanced Diet

Hypothetically, if you have one day that is a super, super healthy day where you fill up on vegetables and good, nutritious food and don't eat as much as a sesame seed over what you need, then the next day you have a bacon breakfast, four bits of cake, a packet of cookies and a curry with all the trimmings (and all the stuff everybody else can't finish) for dinner.. does that good/bad actually create balance in the grand scheme of things?

I am not sure that it does, but let's just pretend it does for a moment to make me feel a little bit better. I seem to have gone off the rails a bit recently; whilst I still have some really excellent food days, the urge to gorge is coming on strong and my willpower hasn't been holding up, resulting in about as many bad food days. What you will notice (and it's not exactly a saving grace, but it's progress) is that these bad days used to be called "happy food days", and now they don't really make me that happy, they just make me a bit disappointed in myself!

In fact on the days when I eat well, I feel not only more energetic, but happier too. During my few days in Exmoor, I trained hard, ate very well and felt great for it. 

There are a few factors that I think have contributed to my eating downfall:
  • The cumulative effect of seeing Easter Eggs every time I go food shopping.
  • Limited edition KitKat chunkys
  • My dairy-free baking experiments, often resulting in sizeable portions of muffins, cookies or cake
  • Everybody else's silly, small appetites (or self-control, depending on how you look at it.. swings and roundabouts!)
  • The fact that going (mostly) dairy-free has been like a small, fun challenge to find the naughtiest stuff I can that doesn't contain any dairy
  • Having a bit more time to think about eating now that I'm being a bit more sensible with rest and recovery
  • Feelings of guilt from eating so much crap means that I scrimp on actual, decent meals. Bad, downward spiral!
  • Obsessive-compulsive hot-cooked chicken disorder 
  • The discovery that Jaffa Cakes are dairy-free

I know: excuses, excuses! In all honesty, I've just lost a little bit of motivation recently and need to sort it out. Instead of focusing my food-making energy into creating some of brilliantly healthy meal, I'm favouring scoffing down something convenient and going baking crazy in the kitchen instead.

So, let's talk remedial actions. It's been a while since I set some goals and now is the time. 

1. Baking shall be strictly limited to ONCE per week and all baked goods must be shared.

2. I must make proper dinners and not just find random stuff like cereal bars, chicken wings and boiled eggs to eat.

3. Hot meat counter in any supermarket is BANNED until I'm back in a good eating regime.

4. Fruit count is always good but the vegetable count needs work. Vegetable snacks must be included in the lunch box and on the dinner plate.

5. Dark chocolate consumption is limited to weekends only.

As always, your support is welcomed. Give Egg a bag of cookies and she'll be happy for a day, but help her make healthy choices and she'll be happy forever.


  1. hey Egg, i totally get you - i have these moments always! I find the best way is to have a serious goal and reason for eating healthily. I remember doing this for my 2nd ironman in France. I knew i had to shed pounds and eat healthy in order to keep me healthy for training and to also get my butt up the mountains in Nice and to keep going on the run in the heat! I had the pain of my first ironman still fresh in my mind to remind me that nutrition was so important leading up to a race. it helped and I had an amazing race and felt lighter and more comfortable, especially knowing I had worked for it. You are doing Wimbleball, right? There are some big hills there remember so use this as your motivation!! You have the potential to kick ass in this race so every small decision now will add up to help you. Now I just need to listen to my own advice!! (my downfall at the moment is PB+Jam and wine..not together mind). Push yourself!!! x

  2. hey Eggasorous, I love your blogs girl, I don't think you are alone in the food habits
    , and i soooo share your obsession for hot cooked chicken. TEll ya what, come live in Saudi (there is plenty of work for a ya - i work at the research hospital after all!) and you will curb some of these you have to get a bloody taxi to any supermarket so you won't be tempted to go as often and we have a fab DQ for running - ride your bike on the road there at your own risk as the 'locals' here are dangerous drivers, but plenty of desert for running, and live on the coast you can have all the sea you like for swimming or come and swim in my 30mtr pool (well not mine literally , but the compounds)...AND as it is getting will shed pounds nicely - whilst being able to devour your chic nibbles and do all the baking you like hon ! and get to eat it! So to sum up. You can come live here , in the heat, shed pounds, lighter racing weight for ya, eat all you like and still get to do the exercise, but have to rely completely on bloody taxis...a bummer but necessity! What do ya think?