Monday, 12 September 2011

Being Insanely Healthy

The blog has been very quiet recently, mostly because I have been doing very little (except sleeping, which I have done in plentiful amounts), and certainly nothing blogworthy. I originally intended to spend all this injured downtime making incredible foodstuff and filling the blog with nutritious and wonderful recipes but there does come a time when you have so little to do, that doing anything at all becomes a real effort.

I have - in the past - often been described with such words as 'mad', 'mental' and 'crazy', but I have disregarded these fleeting comments as they are usually made by people that don't think exercise is fun. At the other end of the scale, I did once get told that this blog should not be called 'Egg Goes Healthy' it should be called 'Egg Goes Bonkers' by a lady called Nicky Yevko, but she accidentally completed an Ironman race just a few weeks ago so you can't listen to anything she says. I consider myself to be quite a normal, centered individual, or at least I was until a few weeks ago.

I have only actually noticed in the last few days, but it does appear that I am becoming slightly deranged. All this talk about going healthy and I have never really considered mental health. The concoction of prescription drugs I have been on  mixed in with excessive sleep and too much time at home is clearly sending me delirious.

I realised that I have been a bit of a social hermit, partly from being so out of it that engaging the brain in conversation has been something of a struggle (there has been a strict one question at a time limit, any more than that has been a processing nightmare) and also partly due to the fact that most of the time I cannot be bothered to extract my dribbly mouth from the pillow and haul myself out of bed. Not only that but telling everyone how crap you feel is actually very draining. Obviously whilst it's lovely that people do care how I'm doing, if I were to respond truthfully with "To be honest, I'm still in quite a lot of pain, I'm really tired and I'm counting down the minutes 'til my next nap" then people don't really know how to react. You get the standard sympathetic nod followed by the short, uncomfortable silence and finished with " Okay, well I hope you feel better soon" as they scurry away to chat to somebody with a more positive outlook. All you achieve is making yourself and somebody else a little bit miserable, so I have thought for the last few weeks that the best option during this time is to be grumpy on my own and not impart my grumpiness onto other people.

I am - thankfully - returning to work tomorrow and looking forward to regaining some semblance of normality, though I must admit a reality without some hardcore cardiovascular exercise is not one I wish to continue with for too much longer. Fingers crossed the physiotherapy will start to kick in, my co-workers will not disown me for being a grump and nobody will mind too much as I curl up on the desk for a lunchtime nap.


  1. Try to avoid telling anyone to F off and stop asking if you are ok!!

  2. Egg, you are such a thinker - you consider all things from different aspects. This makes you a well rounded, balanced Egg! Whereas I am pretty loopy!!!! I think it's the awareness of insanity that's important; it's how you react to it and integrate it into your every day life. Being in charge, I guess. It's a bit of a journey, this blog - Egg Goes Philosophical: The Next Chapter! Still enjoying it :)
    Nicky x

  3. You rock, Egg! If I wasn't able to exercise or work I would seriously be in an institution within a matter of days!! You may think you are being a social hermit or a grump, but believe me, you don't show it! AND to be able to come out and support like you did at IMWales over the weekend and at other races - that is just awesome! Getting back to work will be really good and you will probably be surprised how much more 'normal' you feel. Take care though and keep up the recovery - that is still part of looking after yourself and keeping healthy. Kia Kaha!!!xx