Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Triathlon Training Camp 2011 - Part 2

If from this day forward every cycle I ever did was an alpine climb I think I would be a very, very happy girl. The little bits of ascending I’ve done over the last couple of days have been absolutely superb; perfect gradients for a banging cardio workout but just gentle enough that you feel like (with enough fuel) you could keep going forever. Of course for every bit of up there also comes a down and descending is a whole lot of fun too on lovely, smooth French tarmac.

We were practising our swim to bike transitions today. There is something very unusual about finishing a swim and starting to run upright out of a lake. With ears full of water and the sudden rush of a blood in a whole new direction, you end up looking like a neoprene-clad drunk emerging from the depths. As you stumble out of the water doing the whole “ooh, ahh, foot on stones” thing, it’s very difficult to regain your composure, let alone start running to your bike. If that isn’t bad enough you then need to attempt a speedy exit from your wetsuit, which of course you bought at least at size too small to be “more streamlined”.  It was an entertaining session to say the least.

After a post-swim bike and another boiling hot run around the lake, we were done. At least we would have been done if we weren’t exercise-a-holics. After a chilled lunch out and spot of shopping, Marie and I decided to take on the local assault course, or ‘Parcours Sportif’. A little circuit of exercise stations through the forest seemed like the perfect pre-dinner appetite builder.

Spot the 'not a real exercise' bit..

We have a big bike day on the cards tomorrow and have been told in no uncertain terms that we are not allowed any ‘secret squirrel’ exercise before the ride as it’s going to be a tough one, so the early morning swim is banned. On a triathlon camp and being banned from exercise – I think we might just be in for a bit of a challenge – ask me again tomorrow if I still love those alpine climbs...

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